Eric Eichinger Explores the Significance of Numbers in the Bible with New Book

Eric Eichinger

Best-selling author and pastor Eric Eichinger will be releasing his new book, Faith by Numbers: Deciphering Doctrine with Biblical Numerology, tomorrow (May 3), through CrossLink Publishing. 

In Faith by Numbers, Eichinger, a gifted storyteller, takes his readers on a riveting journey. Deciphering the use of numerical patterns in the Bible, he systematically untangles the hidden meanings behind the numbers, helping readers examine and retain great amounts of Scripture, doctrine, and theology in a unique way, while reinforcing the core beliefs of Christianity.

"I've long been interested in writing a book about the powerfully significant recurring numbers in the Bible, in a way that actually helps people realize, remember, and reinforce their Christian faith," says Eichinger.

"Numbers matter. They matter on paychecks, scoreboards, medical charts, and speedometers. And Faith by Numbers makes clear-they should matter to Christians. This short book weaves together animated narrative accounts, numeric rhythms of Scripture, and foundational doctrinal truth in an engaging and rewarding way that will benefit every disciple of Christ," says author and seminary professor Rev. Dr. Joel Biermann.

Eichinger's engaging and creative approach to Scripture flows seamlessly from the events of his formative years, which were hallmarked by elite athleticism, a youthful fascination with comics and pop culture, and a strong desire to pursue ministry opportunities around the world. 

For more information about Eichinger, author/pastor/father/husband/willing vessel and Faith by Numbers: Deciphering Doctrine with Biblical Numerology, click here or visit Bulk purchases for churches and small groups can be made here. 


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