Christian Author Jen Hatmaker Calls the Overturning of Roe v. Wade "Shocking"

Jen Hatmaker

Christian author Jen Hatmaker has voiced her support for Roe v. Wade after a leaked U.S. Supreme Court opinion suggests that the landmark decision that legalized abortion appears set to be overturned. Hatmaker believes that the overturning of the 1973 Supreme Court judgment will cause " disproportionate harm this will cause women. And not just emotional harm; physical and legal harm."

In her blog, she explains, "As unambiguously proven by data, making abortion illegal doesn't lower abortion rates. It simply makes them more dangerous. And dangerous for whom? 1-in-4 American women have had an abortion, so...dangerous for your daughters, your sisters, your best friends, your colleagues, your neighbors, your church friends, and of course those of you reading with your quiet, private personal history here, as it should be, yourself. It will be disproportionately dangerous for women of color and under-resourced women, as all social ills are."

Hatmaker believes that abortion is a choice women make for "endless personal reasons including the health of the mother, the health of the baby, rape, incest, viability, financial instability, a dangerous home environment, lack of help, and of course reasons that are theirs are their bodies.

"This is intensely personal and private, and women deserve agency and choice not only with their bodies but over the decision to parent for the rest of their lives. Anti-abortion advocates have every right to their convictions, but those convictions should only apply to their bodies, their families, and their futures."

She concludes, "Women deserve agency over their own bodies and their own futures. The overturning of Roe is a shocking, unprecedented repeal of women's rights, and it will not be the end."  

In April 2016 Hatmaker not only affirmed the validity of same-sex marriage, but she also called for the full inclusion of LGBT people into the Christian community. 

Hatmaker is a speaker, blogger, and television presenter. She has been featured in Christianity Today magazine. She and her then-husband Brandon, joined by their five children, host the HGTV series Your Big Family Renovation. Her book "For the Love" was a New York Times bestseller.  





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