Krissy Nordhoff Reflects on Her Song "How Good It Is (Even in the Winter)"

Krissy Nordhoff

Songwriter and worship leader Krissy Nordhoff returns with a moving ballad "How Good It Is (Even in the Winter)." Written by Cecily & Nordhoff, the song reflects upon God's love even in the coldest and loneliest times in ourlives.

Nordhoff is a Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning songwriter of many well-loved songs, including Your Great NameFamous For (I Believe), Mercy Tree, and hundreds more.  She's also a songwriting mentor in her Writing Worship and Brave Worship communities.

Nordhoff recalls how the song came about. "... there are the days that I sit at the piano alone to write. To listen for my own heart and the heart of God. To remember my story and what He is saying to me.

"Many times, those songs start in the Psalms, as they feel like home to me. Maybe the green pasture pictures remind me of my days as a girl on the farm. Maybe it's all the honesty. But it's home. And while I'm very content to leave most songs in the hands of those I trust to carry them forward with great anointing, once in a while I still love to carry one. To share from my perspective, my voice, and my heart. Which makes releasing a Psalming this week feel special.

"This is one was birthed at home, at my piano, in the psalms, from my voice and my friend @its_cecily . It feels like my real heart, surrounded by the sounds I love. I'm well aware that God never gives me something just for me. So if you need remember green pastures, to take a breath....I hope this feels like home to you too."


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