ICF Worship Enlists the Help of Matt Redman on New Album "Here's To The One We Love"

ICF Worship

Zurich, Switzerland-based ICF Worship are back with their brand new Integrity Music album Here's To The One We Love, which will be released tomorrow (May 27). The new album is a diary of real people's stories and experiences, a collection of songs that were birthed in community and were sung Sunday after Sunday.

In our world and times, hope sometimes feels far away and darkness stands close, but ICF Worship encourage the Church to keep Her eyes on Jesus, not stopping to celebrate the giver of life at any given moment. This urge breaks through each of the eight tracks, from the hymn-like "Only You" to the up-tempo "Faithful God" and the focus song featuring Matt Redman, "When the World Is Changing." This song encapsulates the essence of  "Here's To The One We Love" as it was written by Redman and the band in the midst of the global pandemic, unable to foresee the difficulties yet to come.

"I think God is reminding us just how fragile and fleeting this world is - and, in contrast, how utterly constant, enduring and reliable He is," says Matt Redman.

"When The World Is Changing" brings a sense of urgency, reminding us that we're singing about something that matters, as well as deep peace in the face of uncertainty. This new live album brings out ICF Worship's gift of song writing and worship leading, inspiring energy, hope, and joy with each new song. 

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