Here Are the Lyrics & Video of Matthew West's "Before You Ask Her"

Matthew West

Four-time GRAMMY® nominee, American Music Award winner, GMA Dove Award winner, and K-LOVE Fan Award winner Matthew West has written a touching song for his daughters. Co-written by West and AJ Pruis, "Before You Ask Her" celebrates the joy of raising children in a Godly way. 

West writes, "If you know me, you know that there's no greater joy in my life than raising my daughters and witnessing their love for Jesus. My new song, `Before You Ask Her,' is a recognition of how much my girls mean to me and how much love and appreciation they deserve."  

[Verse 1]
Before you ask her on a Friday night first date
It might be good for you and me to get a few things straight
Before you ask her and I hear that doorbell ring
Well, she ain't gonna answer until you answer me
Will you hold the door, be polite, pick up the tab and treat her right?
Have her home by ten and not a minute after?
Will you take it slow when it comes to love, let a goodnight kiss be far enough?
And treat her with respect, 'cause that's what mattеrs?

[Verse 2]
Before you ask her, let me tell you 'bout my girl
She's a Fourth of July firework, and she'll light up your whole world
Before you ask her, you need to know what her heart's worth
And if she chooses you, then that makes you the luckiest on Earth
Will you build her up, don't let her down and never try to steal her crown?
Believe in all the dreams she's chasin' after?
Will you give her wings and let her fly? 'Cause if you do, she'll touch the sky
Will you always let her know that her voice matters?
Oh, I guess you got some things to ask yourself

Before you ask her
Before you ask her
Ah, ooh-ooh-ooh

[Verse 3]
Before you ask me if you can walk her down the aisle
Yeah, I knew this day was comin', I've seen the way you make her smile
Before you ask her, before you get down on one knee
And make my girl a promise, I need you to promise me
Will you stay for better or for worse, will you put her and Jesus first?
And always be her happy ever after?
Will you let that ring remind you that even when the hard times find you?
It's the promises we keep that really matter
Son, I guess you got some things to ask yourself

Before you ask her
Before you ask her
Ah, ooh-ooh-ooh
Before you ask he

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