Supe Hopes to Encourage Others to See God Work with New Song


Hip Hop Christian music artist Supe will be releasing his new single "Walk It Like I Talk It." The new single hits digital outlets and streaming platforms on July 1st.

By day, Clarence Williams is a humble and unassuming young man enjoying and making the most of the years of his life, but when he takes the stage Supe becomes a "man on a mission" to inspire, uplift, and encourage people from all walks of life to watch God work even in the midst of trying times and situations.

"People need to be uplifted", says Supe.  "We need to show them that there is hope in the world today and Jesus is the way.  Jesus gives us himself, and He is what we need to make it through tough times in life and come out on top."

Growing up in a nurturing home, Supe was inspired by the sounds he heard both in church and outside the church. His musical abilities were shaped by his family singing group. which gained notoriety across the region.  In later years, he formed a new group consisting of his brother and two cousins specializing in hip hot beats and urban rap. The group performed together for a couple years before each member decided to go their own way and the group was eventually disbanded.

It was during that time that Supe's relationship with God began to grow deeper. Supe began to study God's word and used the word as the foundation for his rap lyrics. God birthed something in his heart and told him to share it with the people. Supe answered the call. "Walk It Like I Talk It" presents the truth without fluff or fancy, as Supe continues in his mission to help people to see God and come to know of His amazing love for us.

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