Grace Graber Addresses Her Struggles with Mental Health with "Conversation"

Grace Graber

Singer and songwriter Grace Graber offers help to those who are struggling with mental health with her brand new single "Conversation." Encouraging all of us to be open to talk about our own mental issues, "Conservation" serves as a healing balm for many, including Graber herself.

Graber opens up about her own struggles with mental health when she writes, "In 2021, after the release of my debut project, I noticed my mental health declining. We were saving to move and I had no plans of another release yet.

"I picked up some terrible coping skills and realized quickly I needed to get help. About a month or 2 after getting help I wrote this song after having a vulnerable conversation with a friend. They told me they never would've guessed I was struggling at all.

"It made me realize how much more we need to talk about the hard stuff. We need to stop believing everyone is okay because social media doesn't show everything."

As for her new song, Graber has this to say, "I've been anticipating this release for a while now. Stephen Floyd really helped encourage this song & project take shape & this was the first song Blake Cross and I had ever worked on together and started a really cool friendship. Also, Matt Potesta has been advocating and championing this song in the background making sure y'all only get the best. I'm so overwhelmed by how much support I've been shown. Seriously.

"I pray this song starts conversations. I pray peoples hearts are soften to those struggling. I pray people feel seen." 

Graber is an independent artist located in Portland, OR. After a song saved her life, she became passionate about making music that would do the same for someone else. Feeling a call to pursue music again after beauty school, her 9-5 position at Hand and Stone Massage and Facial spa would lead her to a company-wide songwriting competition in Nashville, TN.



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