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Sean BE

Pop singer/songwriter and recording artist Sean BE stands poised to enter a fresh season of music and ministry with the autobiographical new track "Step Into My Story," available now from WieRok Entertainment/Syntax Creative. The hope-fueled anthem-penned by Sean BE and multi Dove Award-winning hit songwriter Tony Wood-chronicles the artist's own journey of surrender, offering encouragement for all who struggle.  

Already a seasoned hitmaker, Sean BE's "Jericho" reigned at #1 on Christian Music Weekly's rhythmic chart for 13 consecutive weeks, while "Here Tonight" was a Top 20 CHR and Top 5 rhythmic hit. His track "More Than A Conqueror" is slated to be featured in the upcoming film "The Good Fight," and Sean BE has opened for Michael W. Smith, for KING & COUNTRY, KB and Cain, among others, performing at such leading events as Lifest, HopeFest, Elevation Fest and FaithFest. A Denver native, Sean BE currently serves on staff at Rolling Hills Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee.    

Q: Sean, thanks for doing this interview with us. Tell us a little about your current ministry.

I am pop recording artist originally from Denver, Colorado. My wife, 2-year-old daughter and I recently moved to Tennessee when we felt God STRONGLY call us to step out in faith. It was a big risk, and we left a lot behind in Colorado, but God has shown us-without a doubt-that following Him is always the right choice. My debut single, "Step Into My Story," just released from WieRok Entertainment, and I've been blessed to be on the road for ministry opportunities much of this summer.

Q: How did you first feel the call to into music ministry?

I was inspired to pursue music at a very young age. I grew up in church and remember my biggest influence was the worship leader. When I was a teenager, I wrote and performed my first song in church. It wasn't great, but my family encouraged me to practice and keep growing. They told me if it was something God truly called me to, He would never let the passion for it die, no matter how good or hard things got. Years later, God has not let the passion die. He's only grown it stronger through the ups and downs. 

Q: What do you think sets your music apart?

My music and live performances are filled with joy, and I believe that's a result of remembering the joy God has placed in my heart, even in seasons when joy was hard to find. 

Q: Your song "Jericho" spent 13 weeks at #1! Why do you think the song resonated with your listeners?

It's a song celebrating God knocking down walls in our lives and showing us a way to something greater-much like the story of Jericho. With all the heaviness life can bring us, sometimes we need to turn up a song of celebration, dance around, and remember the victories God has given. No matter what happens, we still have joy in God's victory. 

Q: Tell us the story behind your latest single "Step Into My Story."

The process was so much fun! I was blessed to co-write the song with Tony Wood and work with Gregatron on the production. Tony has taught me so much, and he had a willing heart to sit down and write with the "new guy in town." This was actually the first song I wrote after moving to Tennessee. We wrote it as an honest and open prayer. It became a song of surrender to God's plan and a declaration of belief in His purpose. There is so much emotion in the song and it was so clear that God was leading that writing session.

My favorite part of the song is in the bridge, where it declares, "we didn't come this far, just to come this far." When Jesus steps into our story, He gives purpose to everything we've ever been through-good or bad. He will use our lives as a living testimony to the grace of God. Jesus gives purpose to it all and shows us that we did not come this far, just to come this far. 

Q: What can fans be expecting in the near future? Are you working on a new EP or album now?

I am currently working on a project that I'm really excited about. In fact, I'm so excited about these new songs that I'm using clips of them in my live shows already. A word for this project is joy. I want my music to spread the joy that was in my heart when I was making it, and I am believing this upcoming project will do that in an even greater way. 

Q: How do you hope your music will impact the lives and faith of your listeners?

I hope it will inspire the next generation to see their lives and passions used for God in awesome ways. Overall, I hope listeners will hear, believe and know that with God in our life, there is purpose for the past and the future. I want them to know that we did not come this far, just to come this far. 

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