Sean Hayes joins the newest comedy sitcom "The Millers" for its second season

The Millers

Emmy Award Winner Sean Hayes will be contributing more laughter and craziness on the set of 'The Millers' as he joins the show as a series regular when it returns of its second season. This makes us even more excited for October to come.

When the show returns, Hayes will be playing the role of Carol Miller's new best friend and also a source of friction for Carol's son. According to Hayes, he is more than happy to be part of the show which he had so much fun watching before. The show writers are also excited to witness their plot come to life as they begin writing the various episodes of the next season.

With 'The Millers' being the 2013-14 TV season's top-rated new comedy, with an average of 2.9M viewers, we are guaranteed to have our stomach hurting from so much laughter when it returns to our TV screens. Mr. and Mrs. Miller might already be divorced, but the family spirit remains and emanate with us fan as they land us with practical jokes and more.

They had us rolling down our couches in their freshman year and so we just cannot wait how they level up and surprise us even more on their upcoming season. Here's one trivia for you about the show, by the way, this CBS show's stars, Will Arnett, Beau Bridges, Margo Martindale, Jayma Mays, JB Smoove, Nelson Franklin and Lulu Wilson. Greg Garcia and James Burrows also serve as executive producers of the show.

The Millers will be back on air on Thursday, October 30.



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