Listen to Sean Feucht's Powerful Pro-Life New Song "Imago Dei"

Sean Feucht

In response to the Supreme Court abortion ruling where it chooses to overturn the decision of Roe v. Wade, Sean Feucht has decided to release his latest single. "Imago Dei," which means "made in the image of God," is a song that gives affirmation to the sanctity of life. Given the nature of the lyrics, iTunes initially decided to block the release of the track.

Your perfect design that You purposed in time
Wholly made in the image of God
I am made in the image of God

Imago dei
I'm fearfully, wonderfully made
Imago dei
There's glory in all You create

Feucht writes, "iTunes seems to be blocking its release but it's on Spotify. I'm not surprised at this warfare as this is maybe the most important and timely song I've released in a long time!!

Instead of arguing the points of how valuable LIFE is in a post-ROE world, I wanted to sing Gods heart directly from the BIBLE.
I'm praying this melts open hearts and reminds us that we all made in His image! You will hear my 4 kids singing at the end too. SO POWERFUL!"



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