Ricky Skaggs Turns 68; Here Are 5 Christian Songs You May Not Know He Recorded

Ricky Skaggs

With 12 consecutive Grammy-nominated classics behind him, Ricky Skaggs is a musical icon. His songs have had been staples among bluegrass and country music fans. This week Skaggs celebrates his 68th birthday! 

Besides his music, Skaggs has had also been known for his faith. Early in his career, he had made a resolve never to hide his faith.  "A few years ago I was a country music artist on a secular record label. I had been sensing that the Lord was saying to me, `I want you to be where hurting people are, to be where people need to hear of My love.' And I wanted to conduct business from a Christian perspective."

In his live shows, Skaggs has never been afraid to sing Gospel tunes. "Our bluegrass sound draws unbelievers, but when they get to our show, they hear the Gospel-whether it's the words in the song of the words I say between songs, somehow they will be confronted with the Gospel.

"In the beginning, the enemy was in my ear: "What kind of Christian are you to let people go? What happens if this doesn't work out? You won't be able to make a real living doing this."

"But God kept saying, `Trust Me.'

"I found that feelings don't have anything to do with faith. Jesus probably didn't feel like going to the cross, but He knew that it was the right thing to do. For Him, obedience outweighed sacrifice. His obedience is an example for me to live by."

Here are some of Skaggs' gospel tunes you may not have known he has had cut:

1. We Fall Down: 

2. Can't Shake Jesus:

3. Walkin' in Jerusalem:

4. Have You Someone in Heaven Awaiting:

5. Can't Control the Wind:



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