For a limited time, RevelationMedia is making available Luther, the 2003 historical drama, for FREE. Martin Luther was one of the most influential-and controversial-figures in the history of Christianity. Luther was directed by Eric Till and stars Joseph Fiennes in the title role. Alfred Molina, Jonathan Firth, Claire Cox, Bruno Ganz, and Sir Peter Ustinov co-star. The film covers Luther's life from his becoming a monk in 1505, to his trial before the Diet of Augsburg in 1530. The American-German co-production was partially funded by Thrivent, a Christian financial services company.

At a time when church leaders were selling documents that released people from punishment for sin, and keeping access to the Scriptures away from the people, one man raised his voice with a desire to bring people closer to God. The reign of the church was keeping people away from relationship with God, using practices that separated them from the very One who came to save them by grace through faith in Christ. Little did Martin Luther know, his choice to stand would fracture the church and affect us all 500 years later.   

Martin Luther, a monk and university teacher, posted his 95 Theses on the church door at Wittenberg to start a discussion about abuses that he saw in the church at the time. It is doubtful that Luther realized what impact posting his points for academic discussion would have in his own life, let alone the rest of the church for years to come. And yet, that was just the beginning of Luther's incredible story.  

You can watch the movie for FREE HERE.



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