Rita Springer Helps Us Cope with Grief with "Nothing to Buy (Featuring kalley)"

Rita Springer

Veteran worship leader and songwriter Rita Springer shares new music with "Nothing to Buy" featuring kalley. The official video can be viewed below. "Nothing to Buy" is available now. The song deals with how we can come and place our grievances before God.

Come sit at the table
If you're weak or able
No discrimination in my house
I'll teach you how to trust me
We're not in a hurry
I'll show you the rhythms of my grace 

Springer talks about how the song came about: "I've been in a fog of grief this week after losing my sister suddenly but it's a perfect time for this song's release!  Grief is an interesting thing. The older I get and the harder I work to find balance, I find when grief hits it doesn't get to knock me flat off my feet. Now, it rushes into a house and detonates itself like a bomb for sure but I recognize it's normalcy and how it plays it's role as a part of life's process. Maybe I learned to shake off it's power to dethrone God for a moment and make him look like he'd been looking the other way when the lightning was striking.

"This grief of losing her is a bomb in "suddenly" but it's debris is just deep sadness. There is no smacking myself around in the regretting of things. We talked almost daily. She just could not open her wings enough to take flight and believe she was a real bird. She was loaded with gift and kindness but you have to be kind to yourself and you really do need to love the stitching and threading together God did in you. That was hard for her. Shoot, still hard for me even. When she left Wednesday I had to keep myself steady to keep a conference commitment and pour into other people. I had to fill the fridge so when I left my kid could eat. I needed to find friends to sit in the stands and scream his name at the game I was missing. The list was long. So I pushed even the sadness to the corner so I could get things done before I can tend to it.

"I'm sitting on one of 4 flights to get to the remnants of her and clear the path of belongings and tape up the boxes of her life. Sadness. Can I just say, please learn to fly. Please believe that God can give you strength for anything. Don't keep putting off life because you don't think it sees you. And find balance. Grief isn't our enemy. It's just a waiting room we have to wait in, until day breaks." 

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