Apollo LTD Encourages Us to "Run" to Our God-Given Destinies

Apollo LTD

Named after the NASA program that sent the first human beings to the Moon, Apollo LTD has become an escalating highlight reel since their formation in 2015. The alternative-pop duo has just released their new single "Run." This song is the follow-up to their hugely popular hit  "Soul Worth Saving." "Run" encourages us that God has called us to a bright future. Instead of burying ourselves in despair, the song encourages us to run to our destines. 

The future's bright
The time is now
Destiny is callin'
Can you hear the sound
You're brave enough
To chase the sun
Show 'em what we're made of
We were born to run 

The new music from Apollo LTD follows its Billboard No. 1 hit "Sunday Morning Feeling (Feat. Ryan Stevenson)" from the duo's acclaimed sophomore album, Nothing is Ordinary, Everything is Beautiful. Released amidst acclaim last year, the album also features the top five hit "Patient" and the American Songwriter-premiered video and Top 20 hit "You" along with "Good Day," "Rulers," "Now!" and "Better."

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