Brandon Lake Debuts Vlog Series & Offers Free 10-Day Devotional

Brandon Lake

GRAMMY® Award-winning artist and songwriter Brandon Lake has partnered with BetterHelp to releases the first episode of his new YouTube-exclusive vlog series. The series is titled Lake Life and will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at Brandon and his wife Brittany's personal life with family, touring, and more. The first episode is out now, with more episodes expected soon. 

Lake has also teamed up with @youversion to published free 10-day devotional series. Based off his record entitled "HELP!"  these readings will help readers find freedom from anxieties and fears. Lake writes, "We have 10 days of devotional focused on Finding Freedom In A World Filled With Anxiety. I hope you enjoy it and have amazing times with Lord each day. I pray it helps you receive breakthrough for where you need it." To read the devotionals, click HERE

Lake's latest full-length album, HELP!, is also available now. This timely collection of songs depicts Lake's heart cry in the battle against depression, anxiety, loneliness, and other mental health struggles-acting as a declarative prayer amidst the processing of his personal emotions. The EP's lead single, "HELP" and the accompanying video are available on Lake's Youtube channel.

On the single, "HELP!," Lake says, "this is the truest and realist song of this past season for me. I pray that so many people who don't even know who God is would hear this song and it would encourage them to cry out for help."

HELP! features the voices of JUDAH, Chandler Moore, Amanda Cook, and his sons Blaise and Beau, this album is infused with the healing honey of raw honesty and authenticity-while serving as a resounding "me too" in response to anyone who is wrestling with thoughts that are not from God. Juxtaposing roars of declaration with songs that invite the heart into intimate worship, one of the messages carried out by this album is that perspective is everything. Whatever the devil meant for bad can be redeemed by the Lord for good. At a time when mental health is at an all-time low, Lake's desire is to remind others that they're not alone in their battles. There's freedom and power behind the word, "help."



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