Katy Weirich Survives Hurricane Ian As She Drops New Video "Blue Jay"

Katy Weirich

Singer-songwriter Katy Weirich thanks fans for praying for her and her family as Hurricane Ian swept through her hometown in Southwest Florida. Weirich and her family are safe. Hurricane Ian is a large, deadly and destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane that caused widespread damage across western Cuba and the southeast United States, especially the states of Florida and South Carolina. In total, Hurricane Ian has caused at least 113 fatalities, including 3 people in Cuba, 105 in Florida, and 5 in North Carolina as of October 4, according to local officials. 

Weirch begins by thanking all her fans for praying for her and her family. "Thank you to everyone who has prayed regarding hurricane Ian which hit my hometown in Southwest Florida this past Wednesday. My family and I are safe and despite having the eye- wall park right next to Fort Myers for approximately 8 hours, our home did not flood.Please continue to pray for the community, I have grown up in this wonderful place since I was 15 and so much of it has been devastated. Many have lost everything including loved ones."

In the midst of her turmoil, Werich has also drop her brand new video for the single "Blue Jay." The video was directed and filmed by Nathan Rocky and assisted by Robby Klein. The song "Blue Jay" is from her current EP, Out of the Blue, and the song carries a deep message of Weirich's struggles with severe postpartum depression and anxiety. It was during the recovery of her medical issues, when she began to see blue jays at the times she needed them and it signified to her that it was a hug from God. A tangible reminder that He was right there beside her and He would not leave her. 

As for her new song, she confesses, "This song will forever hold so much depth and meaning for me. It's almost like a musical time capsule because it re-lives some very vulnerable struggles I've faced in my life, but also the victory and healing I experienced through the power, love and grace of Jesus Christ. I'm praying for those same victories in the lives of each person who listens to this song, and I hope it serves as a forever reminder to all of us that we are never alone in whatever hardships come our way. He is with us through them all."  

For more information about Katy Weirich and Out of The Blue, visit her website, and on social media at FacebookInstagram and YouTube



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