Leanna Crawford Reveals How Her Dad Inspired "How Can You Not"

Leanna Crawford

Singer/songwriter Leanna Crawford has released a new song and music video today. "How Can You Not" speaks about how the world testifies to God's presence and his handiwork. 

Crawford reveals that it's her dad who inspired the song.  "My dad inspired this song. My parents were visiting me in Nashville and my dad had never seen fireflies before. One night as we were walking, the field next to us lit up with thousands of fireflies. My dad saw all those fireflies and said, 'How can you not see the Creator?' Everywhere I look, I see the hand of God, and I'm reminded that He cares for me deeply. I hope you feel that today too."  

I see the sun rise in the morning
And a million stars at night
I hear the birds they can't stop singing
I see his goodness
When I fall down
And his grace that picks me up
Every day I can't stop singing

How can you not see God
In every little thing
In every little moment
How can you not feel loved
How can you not
How can you not 

In her career to date, Leanna Crawford has been writing, touring, and singing with some of the biggest names in the Christian music industry such as Michael W. Smith, Matt Maher, Matthew West, and Jeremy Camp, to name a few.

While her music displays the vocal and songwriting talent of a star in CCM, it is her grounded and honest lyrics that make her feel more like a friend, more approachable than untouchable. "I hope [listeners] feel that I care about them even if I don't know them," says Crawford, "that they would feel loved and encouraged." 

Recently announcing her engagement to NBA star Cody Zeller, she is touring around the U.S. this fall, sharing "Before I Knew Jesus" along with many of her well-known songs. Click HERE for her most updated tour dates. She is also set to release more new music this fall and in the new year. For all of the latest information, visit


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