Alabaster Grace Explore a New Sound with the Ultra-Catchy "Wait Upon the Lord"

Alabaster Grace

Husbandand wife duo Alabaster Grace, which comprise of Brad and Joanie Perry, release their brand new single, "Wait Upon the Lord," from Westar Media Group. The song represents something of a departure from Alabaster Grace's usual musical style. Weaving Americana vibes throughout the ballad, then offering the listener a catchy, can't-get-it-out-of-your-head chorus, "Wait Upon the Lord" has both fans and industry insiders excited.

"Alabaster Grace does it again with another great single," declares Kathryn Ambrose of Westar Media Group. "Wait Upon the Lord" is a joyful song that tells us the Lord will be there for us through everything. This is a must-listen for the Fall!"

"We have had the pleasure of working with Brad and Joanie on several occasions, and their love for the Lord and His music is evident in everything they do," add Paul Gibbs and Nate Miller of NoteSpire Music. "The Scripture-based lyrics of their songs, paired with beautiful melodies and accompaniments, help draw each listener closer to the heart of God."

"Brad and Joanie harness the power of the Word to bless so many with the message of hope and encouragement in this world of craziness and prophetic happenings!" says Rac Man Christian Radio's Jesse Martin.

The Perrys credit the Lord with delivering the right message at the right time for the song. "We were asked to do special music for the service at our home church," explains Alabaster Grace's primary lyricist, Joanie Perry.

"Brad said, 'Joanie, we need to write a song that will go with the pastor's message.' We prayed on it, and 'Wait Upon the Lord' was the answer to our prayer. The song is based on Isaiah 40, which emphasizes the importance of putting our hope and trust in the Savior and waiting on Him to give us strength for each day."

"It is an uplifting and encouraging song stressing that God will give us the strength we need," adds Brad Perry, who wrote the guitar parts and the bridge, and contributed to the arrangement. "When we are tired and weary, He will energize us. We will mount up with wings like eagles, soaring above the storms of our lives, knowing that God will get us through every circumstance." 

To stream Alabaster Grace's new single, "Wait Upon the Lord," click here, or watch the lyric video here.

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