Alabaster Grace Speaks About the Heart Behind "Heal Our Land"

Alabaster Grace

Husband and wife duo Alabaster Grace has released their latest single, "Heal Our Land." Penned by Joanie Perry with guitar arrangement by the group's guitarist, Brad Perry, "Heal Our Land" was produced by multiple Dove Award-winning producer Chris Bevins (producer and keyboards for Selah, Salvador, Jaci Velasquez, Christine D'Clario).  

Alabaster Grace affirms the heart behind the song. "'Heal Our Land' is based on 2 Chronicles 7:14," says Joanie Perry. "This song is our prayer for our country, asking God to forgive our sins as we repent and turn back to Him. Just as in the time of Israel's departure from God, the words of Hosea the prophet are ringing in our ears: 'Come, let us return to the Lord; for He has torn, but He will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up.' (Hosea 6:1, NKJV). It's time for our country to return to God so He can heal our land!"

"We've heard this scripture many times, and probably memorized it. But this song is a positive reminder and motivator to put its words into action," says Ted Hering, KVIP.

"Our hopes and prayers are that everyone hearing this song will be drawn close to Jesus," says Brad Perry.

Brad Perry, a highly decorated former NASA rocket scientist, and his wife, Joanie Perry, a dedicated educator-together known professionally as Alabaster Grace-have committed their creativity, intellect, and passion to make music that is thoughtful, insightful, and reverent. 

To stream Alabaster Grace's new single, "Heal Our Land," click here. For more information about Alabaster Grace, visit, or follow on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. 

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