ICF Worship Reveals the Story Behind "The Saviour is Here"

ICF Worship

Swiss band ICF Worship is welcoming Christmas with their new Integrity Music single "The Saviour is Here." A piano-infused ballad, "The Saviour is Here" beckons us to worship at the feet of Jesus this Christmas.  

"The Saviour Is Here" wasn't originally meant to be a Christmas song. ICF Worship set out to write a song based on Revelation, a highly descriptive book giving its readers a glimpse of the throne room of God and the heavenly host's worship. Yet, the Swiss band quickly saw the hopeful theme of the Christmas being birthed in the lyrics, celebrating the time when heaven met earth in the most powerful way.

"The Saviour Is Here" is an emotive, congregational, and spacious song starting on a beautiful piano melody and evolving into a strings and choir-backed worship carol. The release also includes an instrumental version of "The Saviour Is Here." In a season of confusion, crisis, and fear, the new single seeks to set our minds on the Eternal Hope and Light of the world, Jesus Christ. 

ICF Worship has its roots in the ICF Zurich church, founded in 1996 in Switzerland's largest city. Having started with a passion to reach out to people across the country in a contemporary and relevant way, ICF Zurich has flourished into a non-denominational church counting over 3,300 weekend attendees spread across five different locations within the city and its surroundings.

ICF is also one of the largest Church planting movements in Europe with over 60 churches in 12 nations. Yet, ICF Worship are not restricted to being a band of skilled worship songwriters and performers, but are also strongly connected with and focused on local churches part of the ICF family and beyond.  

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