Mike Donehey Talks About the Significance of His New Song "Yeshua (Friend of Sinners)"

Mike Donehey

Mike Donehey, a songwriter, performing artist, author, and podcaster to name just a few titles, has just released his brand new single "Yeshua (Friend of Sinners)." The song is now available to download/stream.

Donehey writes, "The longer I live, the more in awe of grace I become. I hope this song can lead others to the same place. `The kindness of your heart it heals you.' 

"Now I know some of you will immediately rebut what I'm saying here citing Jesus, `You must hate your life to find it.' But I think that's not what I'm talking about. Jesus I think, means, to not regard your life as more precious than Him. He must be your life.

"What I'm talking about here is the tendency many of us have of holding ourselves in contempt. I'm talking about the brutal shame and accusation we add to our own failures. Where God I think, would lead us to hold a posture of kindness and curiosity toward ourselves and others. This allows us the space to actually figure out what lies we are believing. When we're too busy hating ourselves, we don't give room for the love of God to do its work.
Hope this helps somebody out there today."  

Donehey is a recording artist, songwriter, speaker, podcast and video show host, author (of the bestselling book Finding God's Life for My Will), and founding member of the band Tenth Avenue North. Mike has seen his fair share of the unexpected. Following a potentially fatal car crash as a teen, Mike learned to play the guitar while still in bed recovering from his injuries. Learning the guitar gave birth to songwriting, which led to the formation of Tenth Avenue North.

One of the most loved and successful artists in Christian music, their music includes "Love Is Here," "By Your Side," "You Are More," "Losing," "Worn," "I Have This Hope," and the multi-week no. 1 smash "Control (Somehow You Want Me)." Despite the group's widespread popularity, Tenth Avenue North's members sensed at the beginning of 2020 that they each had their own unique roads to follow. Mike seized this opportunity to expand as a storyteller, communicator, and thought instigator wherever his voice could be heard. 

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