Elisa Morgan Chats About Her Brand New Book "Christmas Changes Everything"

Elisa Morgan

Named one of Christianity Today's top 50 female influencers of the church and culture, Elisa Morgan has just released her new book Christmas Changes Everything: How the Birth of Jesus Brings Hope to the World. To purchase the book, click HERE

In Christmas Changes Everything, beloved author Elisa Morgan explores how God coming to earth as a human child transformed each of the biblical characters who experienced it firsthand, and she reveals how the lessons of the first Christmas can change us today. We learn to say yes to God, accepting His design for our lives. We learn to rejoice, even when we don't understand His ways. And we learn to hope expectantly, confident that He will fulfill all His promises to us.  

We are honored to catch up with Elisa Morgan for this exclusive interview.

Q: Elisa, thanks for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourself: tell us a little about your current ministry. 

After stepping down from leading MOPS International for 20 years, now I write, speak, host Discover the Word and God Hears her and do video presentations for Our Daily Bread Ministries. I also speak around the country as God leads.

Q: Congratulations on your new book "Christmas Changes Everything." Briefly, what is the book about?

In this newest release, I look at the nine characters who had a divine encounter with Jesus as a baby or child and how those encounters changed them, and through them, changed our world. Further, I consider how we can be personally changed by learning from these characters and their response to the first Christmas. 

Q: Why did you decide to write a book on Christmas?

I love Christmas! But when Christmas truly becomes Christmas, more than Santa and stockings and choirs and family, everything changes! Truly for me, Christmas became Christmas when Easter became Easter and I understood the significance of God giving His Son for us and His death on the cross. 

Q: With your work in MOPS International, did your experience help you understand more about how God came as a Christ-child and the complexities Mary must had felt during the first Christmas? 

Absolutely! And then also through my own journey as a mother and a grandmother. Mary is an astonishing study as likely the most influential woman of all time. As just a young teen, Mary's acceptance of God's invitation to bear the Messiah is stunning. She never doubted but rather asked questions of curiosity and layered her yeses, one atop the other, forming a lifetime template of obedience we can all embrace.

Q: How has Christmas changed your own life?

As I look at the nine characters, each of them changes the way I view Christmas. Mary accepted. Joseph yielded. Zechariah believed. Elizabeth rejoiced. The shepherds shared. Simeon waited. Anna worshipped. The Magi sought. Herod refused to learn. Each of these reactions informs my own embrace of Christmas and the heart of our God behind it.

Q: How do you normally celebrate Christmas?

I've learned to hold our celebrations loosely as our children are grown with their own families now. We have grandchildren ranging from one on the way to eight years old to eighteen. We also find the need to rotate due to other extended families and parenting plans. It's been a lesson in yielding for me - and remembering what really matters at Christmas!

Q: What's next for you in terms of your writing ministry?

Thanks for asking! I'm starting in on a book on the fruit of the Spirit. Then, always always, readers can enjoy my blog which releases every Tuesday from

Christmas Changes Everything by Elisa Morgan (9781640701892) - PaperBack - Religion & Spirituality  



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