Special Song Feature: Benson's "Oh Me of Little Faith"


Benson, which comprises award-winning banjo player Kristin Scott Benson and her husband, acclaimed mandolinist Wayne Benson, has released an intimate cover of Matthew West's "Oh Me of Little Faith." The song is a powerfully intimate reflection on doubt and grace. Click HERE to listen.

With its gently rolling pace, "Oh Me Of Little Faith" centers on West's message - a confession of the narrator's challenges in faith, hope, peace, love and strength delivered by Heath Williams, a church friend of the Bensons ---with Kristin and Wayne alternating subdued, sympathetic touches of accompaniment for most of the track before allowing the spotlight to shine briefly on a characteristically tasteful solo from Kristin that leads to the song's final verse and chorus. 

"This might be my favorite cut we've done so far," says Wayne Benson. "Heath Williams knocked the lead vocal out of the park, and it's a song that really means something. Kristin loves to play banjo on anything with this kind of feel. It's fun to arrange because you can just let it glide along while the lyrics do all the work. I was happy with how it turned out."

Adds Kristin, "I related to 'Oh Me of Little Faith' as soon as I heard it. Some people may know the story in Mark where a desperate father tells Jesus he believes, but asks for help with his unbelief. There are a fair amount of songs that reference that, including bluegrass ones, like Ron Block's 'There is a Reason.' But I always thought, 'That's not all I need help with! I need help with everything else too!' That's exactly what this song is about."

"Oh Me Of Little Faith" is taken from their first full-length project for Mountain Home Music CompanyPick Your Poison, now available for pre-order, add and save. The album, set to be released March 31, will be the first full-length collection from the label to be released in Dolby Atmos spatial audio, a sound experience you can feel all around you. Familiar from its "surround sound" application in thousands of movie theaters" Dolby Atmos reveals "depth, clarity and details like never before," and can be streamed on Apple Music, Amazon Music and TIDAL. 




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