Scott Brickell, MercyMe's Manager, Shares the Secrets of How to Thrive in the Music Industry

Scott Brickell

Scott Brickell, MercyMe's Manager, is sharing his secrets and tips to not only surviving a career in the music industry, but thriving. In his debut book, The Business Behind the Song (April 25, 2023), Brickell shares a playbook for success by defining each role in the music industry and the importance it plays. Using never-before-heard stories from working with some of Christian music's biggest names, Brickell invites readers to understand the industry and create a clear path to success for their own careers.  

Drawing on his years of experience as a manager for numerous record-breaking artists and bands, Scott Brickell explains the nitty gritty details of what it takes to be an artist, a manager, a promotor, a booking agent, and much more. He shares industry secrets on the formula to a successful song, and he gives invaluable tips on how to put on a successful show and tour.

No matter your goal-whether that's to be on stage behind a microphone or behind the scenes promoting shows-The Business Behind the Song will help you

• Understand the industry before you get started
• Learn the insider terminology
• Identify the goals you need to set for yourself
• Create a clear path for your future career
• And start your own journey in the music business

You can break into an exciting and fulfilling career in the music industry, and Scott Brickell's go-to guide will show you how. 

The Business Behind the Song 

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