Angel & Shardella Sessions Team Up for New Single “Revoked”


Angel and Shardella Sessions have teamed up to collaborate on a new single titled "Revoked," which is now available on all online digital stores and streaming services. Written and composed by Ted (aka Ted Instrumentals), the song promises to showcase the duo's voices, smooth harmonies, and elegant sound.

Angel shares her excitement about the song, "I've always loved singing with my daughter Shardella because her voice is so unique and her writing abilities are impeccable! We both wrote this song in 15 minutes and without knowing what my daughter was writing, after I had finished my lyrics, she and I both had the same concept! We think alike when it comes to our writing. I am excited about this record because it's a mother-and-daughter team, and we are doing it today like no other."

Since the release of their latest EPs, Gemini SZN by Shardella Sessions and Called (Chosen) by Angel Sessions, these two talented ladies have been busy making waves in the music industry. With their undeniable talent and hard work, both artists have gained international attention and respect from fans and critics alike. 

Shardella Sessions' EP Gemini SZN gained significant attention with the leading single "Juice," which reached the number one spot on Amazon Best New Release and the International Radio Charts on Archodia Play Radio Charts. With her smooth and silky voice, Shardella has won over new fans around the world and has been featured in many musical blogs. All seven songs on the EP performed well, and fans are eagerly awaiting her next release.

Angel's EP Called (Chosen) also achieved chart-topping success, with the leading single of the same name reaching #8 on the UK iTunes chart and #1 on Amazon Best in Sells, Best New Sellers, and Best in Songs. The single also reached #1 on Movers and Shakers Top 100 on Amazon in Christian music, and the EP reached the top 10 charts for Best New Releases on Amazon in Christian music.



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