Swedish Group LIN D Talks About Bringing Hope for the Future with their New Music


Swedish group LIN D has signed to DREAM Label Group's DREAM Records division. Their new song "Anything" is available on all digital service providers now. The track was produced and co-written by Rob Ellmore (Selena Gomez, Kygo, Walk The Moon) as well as co-written by Mia Fields, Dennis, Emmy and Ella Lindéh.  

This Swedish sibling trio are blending infectious Swedish pop melodies and uplifting lyrics to create a unique and unforgettable sound. Dennis, Emmy and Ella Lindéh have been touring and recording music together all of their lives. In spite of their young age the group have already played over 300 live shows in several countries. Their message is clear, they want to bring faith and hope for the future to this generation.

Q: Thank you guys for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourselves: who is LIN D?

Thank you! We are a pop group from Sweden consisting of 3 siblings. Dennis (23), Emmy (21) and Ella (19). We've been doing music and touring since we were kids.

Q: What does LIN D stand for?

Our last name is Lindéh, in English it´s pronounced LIN D. 

Q: I have read that you have toured over 300 times in various countries. Where have you toured?

That´s true. We've toured in Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, Poland, The Netherlands, Ukraine and Slovakia. Later this year we will go to Denmark and Czech Republic for the first time.

Q: What were some of the highlights for you as you were travelling?

We love to see different cultures and how they respond to our music, coming to a country for the first time is very special.

One highlight was playing at a big festival in Poland being broadcasted on national TV. Another highlight was the first time we played at Big Church Festival, the biggest Christian music festival in Europe. We've toured three times also in Ukraine, which is very special now after the war started. We have a lot of friends there.

Q: Tell us more about your new song "Anything."

The lyrics of "Anything" is how we try to live our lives. We believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He gave everything for us. Our response is that we wanna give Anything and our everything back to Him. The music have a lot of inspiration from Scandinavian pop.

Q: Are you guys working on a new album? Give us a preview of what we can expect from your new record?

This year we are releasing a bunch of singles. The nest one comes out later this summer. You can expect more of the Swedish pop sound, some variety in genres, maybe featuring some other artist as well. 

Q: How do you hope your songs will impact the lives and faith of your listeners?

We want our songs to bring comfort in hard times, hope for the future and that the songs would be able to "carry people" through difficult seasons in life. Bring people closer to God and help them understand that they are loved by God and boost their self esteem and confidence.

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