Good Weather Forecast Opens Up About Their God-Dwelling Music

Good Weather Forecast

Germany-based artist Good Weather Forecast released their new song "The Future Looks Good (Safe and Sound)" with Neon Feather. The song is now available on all digital service providers. The group is putting the finishing touches of their debut album to be released later this year. 

The three brothers and two friends, who are now all fathers, are passionate musicians and passionate Christians. And that's exactly why Good Weather Forecast is still on the road. At mainstream rock festivals, on TV shows and on small club stages, as well as in hundreds of high schools all around the world. Their energetic and thoroughly optimistic music is constantly evolving. However, the message of their songs has been the same over all the years. Through their music and live show, they want to inspire people and make a glimpse of God's beauty and love visible to us humans. 

Q: Thank you guys for doing this interview with us. Let's start with yourselves: who is Good Weather Forecast?

Thanks you guys for the opportunity. We are three brothers and two friends from Germany, playing some pop/rock music, touring the world and spreading God's love everywhere we go! 

Q: Why do you call yourselves Good Weather Forecast?

Gosh... we started the band ages ago... our youngest brother, Dave, was 12 years old. As good christian kids we thought our band name needs to transport a message. So we came up with Good Weather Forecast, cause with Jesus there's a Good Weather Forecast for your life ;-) That's pretty superficial I guess on the one hand and on the other hand kind of sweet, so we kept the name anyway. 

Q: Of all the different genres of music, why did you feel called to Christian music?

That's an interesting question, which I never really thought of. As an artist I write about topics related to my personal life. Since my faith in Jesus is one of the most important foundations for my life, it feels naturally to write about my faith... The listener then can decide in which category our music falls. We've been playing also secular festivals in Europe and were signed to a major labeling Europe through out the last years... that was cool too, cause it gave us the opportunity to inspire a larger group of people through our music and the words we speak during our shows. 

Q: How did you get to work with DREAM Records?

Me and my brothers grew up with Christian rock music, like Petra, Whitecross and so on... Later we listened to Hawk Nelson, Kutless, TobyMac and Switchfoot. I still remember watching a YouTube video of John Foreman form Switchfoot performing at the Dove Awards and dreaming about receiving one of these some day myself. After touring in Europe for a decade we took our chance, remembered our early childhood dream and I flew over to Nashville to write some songs with my man Neon Feather... He is signed to Dream and that's how the connection came about.

Q: Tell us more about your new single "The Future Looks Good (Safe and Sound)."

We are at a very intense time in our western societies. I recently read a survey which said that over 85% of young people under 20 are afraid of the future. Everywhere you look you can only find dystopian pictures of how the future will look like. I don't think that it is very healthy for a whole generation to look with fear into the future...and I think especially we as christians should stand up and articulate a hopeful but not naive view of the future. I think the joy and hope of a coming resurrection puts us in a unique spot... We surely can say, the future looks good, because we know that in the end God is in control of all of this, he has overcome this world and he is building his kingdom no matter what...

Q: Are you guys working on a new album? Give us a preview of what we can expect from your new record?

Not really an album... we have some more amazing singles to come this summer. The next will be a feature with Jon Micah Sumrall, the legendary singer of Kutless. This is so cool for us, since we used to listen to their music when we were kids... 

Q: How do you hope your songs will impact the lives and faith of your listeners?

I strongly believe that God dwells in our worship... even if our music doesn't sound like church worship it is produced and written to honor God. So I believe the Holy Spirit lives in our songs and touches peoples hearts through sound and lyrics in various ways... 

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