Author Gloria Giorno Reveals How the Radical Left Tried to Destroy a Young Conservative


Author Gloria Giorno shares her son's experience when he tried to stand for classic American ideals in the new book, OUTCAST: How the Radical Left Tried to Destroy a Young Conservative (Liberty Hill Publishing / Salem Media Group). The new book, with a foreword by Sam Sorbo, is available August 1st at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold. 

In 2020, Giorno's son Stevie was Student Body President at Nashville's Belmont University - a traditionally conservative Christian school. He was sure the woke agenda was not going to take over there, in spite of the activism happening all over the country.  He was wrong.  Stevie's character was attacked, as he was unsuccessfully pressured to follow the crowd in proving their allegiance to the Black Lives Matter movement.

"This book is about my son's fight against the radical left," says Giorno. "I want to inspire parents and grandparents across the country to stand up and protect their children, whether it be in grade school, high school, or college."

Giorno is a conservative Christian wife and mother. She is the Founder and President of United Women Foundation, a nationwide 501c-3 nonprofit empowering conservative young women to success through mentorship and scholarships. Giorno is a first generation American who spent her early years living in a Communist dictatorship. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, she is also an entrepreneur and small business owner. Giorno enjoys her spare time with family, friends, traveling, and meeting with conservatives.



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