Sony’s Project Morpheus aims to push the boundaries of gaming with virtual reality


How does it feel to be actually a part of a video game universe? Sony wants users to get that experience in the near future with Project Morpheus, a headset designed to complement the company's PS4 gaming console.

With the advent of Google Glass and Facebook's purchase of Oculus Rift what was once a figment of our collective imagination is making its way into mainstream consciousness.

Also known as immersive multimedia, virtual reality (VR) is a computer generated environment wherein experiences seem real. Users can enter into imagined worlds and see, feel, hear, smell, and even taste objects as in physical reality. Combine VR with popular PS4 games like Call of Duty - the result is exhilarating gaming action.

Sony's R&D team predicts that VR will eventually go beyond gaming and will be a standard in industries such as aeronautics and more.

Still in its development stages, the Project Morpheus prototype is equipped with the following: a 1,080 pixel display, a field of view of more than 90 degrees, 100hz tracking, a 3-meter working volume, and DualShock 4 and PS move detection features. Fully adjustable, the wraparound headset supports 360 degree movement, forward prediction and can operate even if the user is wearing glasses.      



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