Run51 Releases New EP “Wonderful Christmas”


Run51 releases their new Christmas EP, Wonderful Christmas on DREAM Records available on all digital retail and streaming service providers. The collection songs include "Wonderful Christmas", "Joy To The World" and "O Come, All Ye Faithful."  These 3 mix a blend of that holiday cheer with Gospel and CCM sounds. The album was produced by Jeremy Green. 

"The EP includes two classic covers and our original song 'Wonderful Christmas.' 'Wonderful Christmas' highlights the Christmas season for us. We intentionally say 'let's not miss the moments we share.' Let's allow love and care to transform our world. 'Joy To The World' is re-arranged and influenced by our friends and family (Mesie) from the Caribbean giving you a fresh way to dance during the holiday season. 'Oh Come All Ye Faithful', has it's classic melody but we added some space for reflection. As we give this EP to you we hope it encourages you to be generous through giving resources to others giving love, time and hope through the message given to us by Emmanuel. Have a Wonderful Wonderful Christmas." - Run51

In 2003, Jason "JB" Burris graduated from Colorado State and made a choice to become a stateside missionary who's focus was to use music to connect and relate to people. His desire was also impact people and share life changing truths he learned from faith, love and forgiveness. The mission started as JB began to play in bands and meet friends who had similar interest and backgrounds.

JB first met Jgreen, the bands MD and in house producer, then met one by one some of the most humble and gifted musicians singers and leaders in the country. Chaz, G Whit, Shellz, Jscott, Genie, and Mesie. Run51 members live in 6 different states, leading and performing music regularly. Run51 are friends who became family to collaborate and share a unique and fresh sound. Together we have had incredible experiences from private intimate settings to large arenas. We've connected to teenagers and college students as will as older audiences. The main thing is always the main thing. Our music, our sound, our passion connects people to the life source we have. For Run51, It's more than music. Its the power and purpose behind it.  God Bless - Jason "JB" Burris

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