Kevin Quinn Chats About Being Real, His New Record and Acting

Kevin Quinn

Capitol CMG's rising pop artist Kevin Quinn will be releasing his anticipated new album Real Me on January 19th, 2024. The captivating 7-track record introduces Kevin in his most authentic, real form as he opens up about his mental health journey for the first time. With Real Me, Kevin further establishes his knack for deeply personal songwriting that strikes a unique balance between growth and vulnerability. Pre-Save Real Me HERE.

We are honored to be able to catch up with Kevin Quinn as he talks about being real, his new record, acting, and more.

Q: Kevin, thanks for doing this interview with us. Your new album is entitled "Real Me." How would you define the real you?

Thanks so much for having me. That's been one of the biggest questions I've been trying to answer for myself lately. The theme "real me" first showed up in the project when we wrote the song "Real Me." Then, it showed up twice more in the writer's room with "I'm Not There Yet" and "Learning To Let Go." So clearly, there was a theme, and I thought it was worthy of naming the album that. But the truth is this: I was a completely different person before I wrote this project compared to now. If anything, I have matured drastically and come into myself even more. I finally feel like a full-fledged human being, at least in terms of embracing my adulthood. I went through some really tough times over the past two to three years that changed me forever, for better or for worse. But I like to think it's for the better. The "real me" is essentially who I was always meant to be.

Q: In the press release, you mentioned how writing these songs was therapeutic for you. How was that so?

I think a lot of artists will be able to attest to this, but in the process of writing music, it just feels like such a cathartic experience. Like releasing all these bottled-up emotions, thoughts, or feelings and putting them into artistic expression for the first time. And as I mentioned, I went through some intense hardship over the past couple years, so this being the first project coming out of that felt very therapeutic.

Q: Your single "Blessed" speaks of how God has been good to you. Can you share a few of such blessings in your own life?

He has been good to me, yeah. That's not to say I don't have a relationship with Him that's full of ups and downs. It's like any other relationship, it requires work, and quite honestly I was pretty angry with Him during some of the recent hardships I went through. Sometimes I would even refuse to talk to Him or pray. However, I always find myself remembering these blessings, and somehow drifting back toward counting on Him or relying on Him - through it all, I'm a God-loving man. That's kind of what "Blessed" is about too. My biggest blessings are undoubtedly my friends, family, and girlfriend. I could not have a better support network, it's crazy, and I truly thank God for that.

Q: I believe your upcoming single is "I'm Not There Yet." What's this song about and why are you excited about it?

So remember how I mentioned how I've come into myself so much and have essentially become exactly who I was always meant to be? I guess I lied a bit. Well, not really, but there is an important catch. While I stand by what I said, I also realize that it's not so black and white, and all of a sudden it's like, boom, I'm done maturing - that's it. No. That song is about this: despite the incredible and undeniable progress I've made, I'm not there yet. Why? Because I'll never be there yet. None of us will. It's sort of like an ode to the fact that we never stop growing and changing, for our entire lives. I think that due to that message, "I'm Not There Yet" has the potential to be as relevant in 50 years as it is now, and I hope the fans love it. I would also be excited if it inspired them to grow themselves, in whatever way that might be.

Q: What were some of the highlights in the making of this record?

Working with Sean Cook was a big one for me. He and I have been friends for a few years now, but when Capitol wanted to find our next executive producer, I immediately knew it had to be Sean. Having written for my project for years now, he just understands my sound, artistry, and essence in a way that no one else does, and I'm grateful for that. When I asked him if he would do it and he said yes, I was really stoked, and I knew the record would be good with him at the helm. Another highlight was getting to spend time with faces both new and old in the Nashville scene. I worked with so many talented and kind people, and it just made the process of recording that much more special.

Q: How do you hope these new songs will impact the lives of your listeners?

I hope that it positively impacts listeners' lives, even if just a little. In a perfect world though, it inspires them to be the most authentic, best, unapologetically truthful version of themselves, and to never shy away from that out of fear or adversity. That is my biggest wish for them.

Q: With your success in "A Week Away," will you be involved in more musicals in the near future?

Listen, I am always down to star in a good musical movie. They feel very comforting and familiar to me, since I get to incorporate my two passions: acting and singing. However, I am trying to dive into more dramatic roles, including ones that will give me an opportunity to show a side of myself that viewers may not have seen before. My last project was a thriller movie starring J.K. Simmons about a homicidal man on a killing spree at a national park in the Montana backwoods. So yeah, some pretty heavy and out-of-character stuff for me. But as an actor, it's refreshing to tap into new emotions and storylines that I haven't done before, and obviously it gave me a chance to tap into the surreal experience of what that would be like. It makes for interesting artistic expression as an actor. But whether it's a musical, thriller, drama, or comedy, I hope viewers care to watch and support me - it means the world. 





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