The Winans Family Announces Upcoming 7-Part Film Series

The Winans Family

5-0 Studios London and Michael Winans of the renowned Winans Family are set to embark on a captivating journey through the globally known "gospel music family dynasty" in a new and exciting 7-part film series. With over 50 Grammy Awards combined, "The Winans Family" film series promises to be one of the greatest stories ever told, tracing the family's roots spanning more than five generations and 200 years.

The narrative begins in North Carolina in the year 1805, unfolding through Gloster, Mississippi, and later Detroit, Michigan. This extraordinary dramatization explores the ancestors Louis and Ruby Winans, who transitioned from enslavement to their descendants' liberation, all under the watchful eye of their sharecropper owner, Reverend Winans.

Louis and Ruby Winans worked tirelessly to represent a historical legacy, showcasing their unwavering faith and the miracles that shaped their blessed journey of raising 13 children. The series unfolds with solemn dignity, portraying Louis Winans as a spiritually devout and benevolent man. The first generation in the story, aptly titled "THANKFUL," captures the emotional stakes of its actors as they bring to life the profound moments in the Winans family history.

"Thankful" is not just a film series; it's a testament to the deep emotions, resilience, and faith that defined the Winans family's journey. Taking inspiration from the compelling stories being told, the film's soundtrack will feature the musical talents of the Winans family, their friends, and over 100 talented artists from around the globe. This collaboration aims to create an award-winning soundtrack that complements the cinematic artistry of the series.

The grandeur of the music in "THANKFUL" reflects the family's known ability to compose and record Grammy Award-winning hits. The Winans family name has always been synonymous with the glory of God's blessings, and this series promises to showcase that legacy in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant manner.



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