AOH Music To Deliver New Single “Everlasting” On March 1

AOH Music

AOH Music (vocalist Brianne Nealon, drummer Jimmy Meier, and guitarist/producer Jack Garno) is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, "Everlasting." The song is a hopeful, declarative, and ardent Christian song of confidence and proclamation that God is all powerful and the eternal "I Am" who watches over our lives as a loving Father.

The verses echo Psalm 90:1, expressing gratitude for being intricately made and renewed by divine grace. The chorus passionately declares the everlasting nature of God, both as a supreme being and the embodiment of boundless love, as stated in Psalm 90:2 and Psalm 103:17.

"From the moment we heard these scriptures, we felt compelled to share their timeless message through music," says AOH Music. "We hope that you enjoy our new song that encourages enduring faith and embraces the steadfast love of our Creator."

AOH Music invites audiences of all backgrounds to join in this musical exploration of faith and to discover the transformative power of scripture set to song.

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