AOH Music Delivers Original Version of "Abba Father" on April 12

AOH Music

AOH Music, New Jersey-based trio composed of vocalist Brianne Nealon, drummer Jimmy Meier, and guitarist/producer Jack Garno, delivers their original version of "Abba Father" on Friday, April 12.

This is the first single off their new EP, Heal Our World, that will be released on May 24th.

"Abba Father was written in a season when our hearts needed to be reminded of how powerful God Our Father is," says the band. "By His Word, He created all things. This song is a reminder that God the Father loved each of us into existence to join Him in Glory. His love for us is so deep that He sent us His only son, Jesus Christ, to save and redeem us. We were never meant to take on this world alone. This song reflects the truth that regardless of our earthly relationships, we all have a father, Abba Father, whose love never fails."

AOH Music invites audiences of all backgrounds to join in this musical exploration of faith and to discover the transformative power of scripture set to song. 

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AOH Music is a three-piece band based in New Jersey, composed of vocalist Brianne Nealon, drummer Jimmy Meier, and guitarist/producer Jack Garno. AOH music has performed events on both US coasts. The trio released a three-song EP at the iconic Ocean Way Nashville Studios and second EP titled, Relentless, that were both received with great reviews and enthusiasm. They will be releasing another EP of the studio versions of those songs on May 24th, 2024.



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