Hillsong Y&F's Alexander Pappas Goes Solo with "A Great Awakening"

Alexander Pappas

World-renowned worship leader and songwriter, Alexander Pappas, releases his first new song in more than 1.5 years. This song, "A Great Awakening," is the first solo worship song Pappas has released after serving as part of Young & Free and Hillsong

Listen to the song HERE.

"The phrase 'A Great Awakening' carries an unusual resonance, not because it lacks roots in biblical language, but rather due to the powerful connections it evokes," describes Alexander Pappas of this new song. "Initially, your thoughts may drift towards monumental spiritual revivals such as Azusa Street, The Welsh Revival, or the Jesus People Movement. Moments which when I think about them, stir an overwhelming sensation within my spirit that this world we live in is desperate for another move of God. Dare I say, NEEDS it."

Pappas is not new to creating songs that resonate with the worshipper as a two-time GRAMMY® nominee, he has penned anthems like "Alive," "Wake," "Real Love," and "Echo" (Elevation Worship). Leading worship for more than a decade, this song is a return to a passion for the next awakening.

He adds, "While I remain uncertain whether a song-this song, which is a prayer in melody-has the power to ignite such a great awakening, I am firm in the belief that true revival begins individually-with me, with you. I pray that this song sparks within us a profound longing for the next unmistakable move of God."

The release of "A Great Awakening" also coincides with the upcoming movie "Multiplied," appearing in 1300 cinemas across the U.S. on May 20 and 21. A music video for the song will debut before the start of the movie, which will include Pappas in a studio along with revival-style footage weaved throughout. Click here to find out more about "Multiplied."

I've got faith for revival 
All across this land 
Like You did in the upper room 
Let again Your Spirit loose 

I've got faith to see miracles 
Setting captives free 
Like You did on Azusa Street 
Holy Spirit, move in me 

God, we're praying for revival 
Like the world has never seen 
Where the schemes of hell and darkness 
Shall be crushed beneath Your feet 
We will see the church advancing 
In the cities and the streets 
Holy Spirit, bring a great awakening 

I've got faith for salvations 
All across this land 
Like You've done throughout history 
We pray for a great awakening 

Open wide all the heavenly gates 
Pour it out, fall upon this place 
Father, let Your Kingdom come 
And let Your will be done 
Holy Spirit, bring a great awakening 

Oh we're desperate for You Jesus 
So we call upon Your name 
Holy Spirit, move in power 
Signs and wonders we proclaim 
With our faith and expectation 
God, we're praying do it again 
Holy Spirit, bring a great awakening  



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