Autopsy Report Reveals Mandisa's Cause of Death


Award-winning contemporary Christian singer Mandisa's cause of death has been revealed. The Grammy winner and American Idol alum died of complications of class III obesity at age 47, according to an autopsy reported obtained by PEOPLE. Her manner of death is listed as natural. 

WebMd defines Class III obesity as being when a person has a body mass index of more than 40 (a normal BMI range being 18.5-24.9), "a BMI of greater than 35 with at least one serious obesity-related condition, or being more than 100 pounds over your recommended weight."

Shortly after her death, friends and family gathered at Brentwood Baptist Church in Nashville to honor and celebrate Mandisa's life. During the ceremony, Mandisa's father, John Hundley, spoke about what he thought may have happened to his daughter. 

"But here's what I think happened," Hundley said during the ceremony. "Mandisa fell down in her bedroom. They found her on the floor. If you look from the rear of her bed, she was laying on the left side. It's clear that's where she was laying, there was a couple of big rugs there and some clothes. On the right side of the bed, front, was this nightstand. I found her phone on the right side of the bed. There was no way for Mandisa to get around the bed, go out there and get a phone to call for help.

"She did not harm herself," he added. "As she said, Mandisa loved the Lord and the Lord loved Mandisa. So there's one thing you may not have known. She told me some time ago that she had gotten COVID-19, and she had been weak trying to get over that. But she was trying to press through. We talked so much on Easter morning, but I thought she was going to this conference, and so I had not called her recently, but I've talked to her a lot. May she rest in peace now."





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