Keith & Kristyn Getty Celebrate 20 Years of Marriage with "A Red, Red Rose"

Keith & Kristyn Getty

Keith & Kristyn Getty are excited to announce "A Red, Red Rose," a new song just released in celebration of their 20th wedding anniversary! Listen to the song HERE.

"Twenty years ago this June Keith and I were married. I carried red roses and he had a red rose in his lapel. And this was and has been one of our favorite love songs. It has journeyed with us over the years, and we have sung it many, many times on tour. But it was a particular joy to have our older two daughters sing harmonies on this new recording!"

"The text was written down by the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns. He was a lively, colorful, passionate, quick-witted poet of the 1700s! One thing that really inspired us was the energy he gave in his last years to collect many old Scottish folk songs so that they wouldn't be forgotten. Songs carry the story of the people in beautiful ways, memories pulling us out of our own shadow into something much bigger. An idea that encouraged us in the treasuring of the best of the old hymns."

"Burns once wrote 'Life is but a day at most'.  Twenty years together have gone in a flash and we are grateful to the Lord for them."


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