Jody And Lani Release New Worship Single "No One Else But Jesus"

Jody And Lani

Husband and wife duo Jody and Lani announce their latest single, "No One Else But Jesus" available now. Various worship leaders including friend Karen Shea also appear on the recording.

Listen to the song HERE.

"No One Else But Jesus" is a call for the Church to realize the power of what happens on earth and heaven when we join together in worship. "There's no one else but Jesus worthy of all our praise / We're singing with the angels / We're singing with the saints."

Co-Written by John Michael Bullock, Lani Crump and Karen Shea - the release coincides with Jody and Lani's summer events leading worship at camp, events and churches. "It's been inspiring to watch people catch the song so quickly. It gives us a beautiful glimpse of heaven."

Jody and Lani have released seven singles including favorites "Find Me Faithful" and "Clear The Way". Jody and Lani Crump are worship leaders and songwriters. Jody was a member of the band Pocket Full of Rocks while Lani worked in the music industry before the couple began leading worship together in their local church. They hope their songs encourage listeners to connect with God through authentic worship. They are married with three children and recently relocated from Nashville, TN to Jody's hometown Texarkana, TX.




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