Angie Miller, American Idol Finalist: Twitter Post, Shows She Has A Sense Of Humor

Angie Miller exposed her very light-hearted sense of humor on Wednesday night when she posted an internet meme of herself that she found floating around on twitter and thanked the creator for their sense of humor.

The meme is simply a collection of various photos of Miller in which her neck and chin was expanded outward to give the impression that she had gained a significant amount of weight.  Many artists may be upset or offended by an image like this, but Miller seemed to enjoy it more than anything else.

Miller posted the photo with the caption, "I don't know who made this, but thank you for making me laugh!!! Haha ok, goodnight! Love you #Dreamers <3"

Although Miller only ended up taking home third place in the 'American Idol' finals, she did not let it discourage her in any way.  "I feel like in a way I've already won by making it to the top three," she told the Gloucester Times earlier this month.

Since the end of the season, Miller has become increasingly popular with her new single, 'You Set Me Free,' and even performed it on 'Live With Kelly & Michael' on Wednesday morning.  

Miller, 19, revealed that she hadn't been 100% sure whether or not she wanted to do 'American Idol' after she graduated High School.  "Well I graduated High School in May and I knew that auditions were in a month, in June.  And I was like, should I go to college?  I'd visited colleges and got scholarships so I was like college [or] 'American Idol?'" Miller said.

She ultimately decided to go out for 'American Idol' because she knew that she could always go to college.  "A friend came up to me and he just was like, 'Ang, you can go to college any point in your life, but right now is the time for 'American Idol,'" she said.

This week on 'Live With Kelly & Michael,' the show has been featuring 'Winners Week,' and although Miller left 'American Idol' with third place, many fans view her as a winner for getting as far as she did and for remaining true to herself along the way. Miller performed her first musical composition from when she was five years old on the show, in addition to her new hit single, 'You Set Me Free.'

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