Angie Miller, American Idol Finalist, 'You Set Me Free,' New Song 'Live With Kelly & Michael'

Angie Miller, American Idol Finalist, was featured on 'Live, Kelly & Michael' on Wednesday morning to promote her new single, 'You Set Me Free.'

Miller joined Kelly and Michael on a show that also featured Morgan Freeman, who is currently previewing a new on a film called 'Now You See Me,' as well as Kelly Pickler and Derek Hough, the winning couple from this season's 'Dancing with the Stars'. The 'Dancing with the Stars' champions were featured as part of the show's 'Winners Week,' according to the 'Live with Kelly & Michael'webpage.

And Miller is truly a winner herself, although she only took home third place in 'American Idol' (which is impressive within itself), she remained optimistic. "I feel like in a way I've already won by making it to the top three," she said earlier this month in a conference call from Hollywood, the Gloucester Times reports. "The exposure and the journey is incredible. I really wouldn't change a thing. I'm proud of how far I've gotten."

Miller took to twitter this morning to say, "Getting ready for @KellyandMichael !!! #soexcited Morgan Freeman is here!!! <3" Miller also promoted the show on Facebook saying, " You all should watch Kelly and Micheal this morning to hear me sing 'You Set Me Free' :-)"

Kelly and Michael told Miller that she is "a real super star," having written her own music as early as 5-years-old. She performed her first musical creation on the show Wednesday morning.

Miller's new song, 'You Set Me Free,' is a heartfelt and powerful tune accompanied by piano and it recieved its initial publicity earlier this month when she performed it on 'American Idol'. "This song is about being set free from baggage and from the weight that you carry from hard times," Miller explained before she performed her new original song on 'American Idol'.

After the show Kelly & Michael tweeted a photo captioned, "Thanks @AngieAl12 for a beautiful performance! #kellyandmichael."

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