CBS Pulls 'Mike & Molly' Tornado Episode, The Season Finale, After Tornado Hits Oklahoma

CBS pulled the season Finale of 'Mike & Molly' on Monday night, which contained a tornado plot closely following a devastating tornado which struck Oklahoma on Monday afternoon.

"Due to the tragic events this afternoon in Oklahoma, we are pre-empting tonight's season finale of Mike & Molly, which has a related storyline," the network said in a statement on Monday, according toCBS. "A repeat broadcast of Mike & Molly will run in the time period. The season finale will be broadcast at an appropriate date."

The episode, entitled 'Windy City,' featured Mike and Molly (Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy) in Chicago when a tornado hits, Yahoo! TV reports.  The episode description state, "Mike and Carl get stuck working at the Renaissance Faire after their boss, Patrick, gets dumped by Mike's mother. Later, as a tornado descends on Chicago, Mike and Molly each confess important news to each other," CBS reports.

CBS said that no devastation from the tornado was shown, however, a promo picture released on Google + seems to indicate otherwise, International Digital Times reports.  Fan reactions to the pulling of the episode was mixed, while some appreciated CBS's sensitivity, others believed it to be a little drastic.  "I'm really getting tired of TV shows pulling episodes just because they have plots remotely related to something tragic that has happened," one commenter said.

The real-life tornado that occurred in Oklahoma spent 40 minutes on the ground and brought devastation to homes, businesses and even two elementary schools, according toYahoo!  Tornado warnings remain in effect for Texas and Kansas.

CBS has renewed "Mike & Molly" for its fourth season, however, creator Mark Roberts isn't continuing to have the comedy series as its showrunner, Yahoo! reports.

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