iPad Mini 3 Release Date Update: October Release Rumored, Specifications and Pricing Guesses

iPad Mini 3

iPad Mini 3 Release Date Update: October Release Rumored,  Specifications and Pricing Guesses 

Apple's iPad Mini 3 release date is said to be one of the days in the month of October 2014, as per the rumors. Don't get carried away though, these are just the rumors or guesses made by the experts, users or fans. Nothing concrete as such about it. So keeping eyes wide open to see the official announcement would be best.

Much is talked about the specifications too. Some say that the iPad Mini 3 would be equipped with TouchID fingerprint recognition feature. It is expected to boast a new A8 processor and the latest iOS 8. There are various opinions too about the new size of this gadget. Some say it would be retain its original size of 7.9-inch and a resolution of 2048 x 1536. Apple might increase the screen size to wow the audience said sources.

It is also said that the new iPad Mini 3 will be offered in different variants much similar iPad Mini 2 such as 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. All these specifications are just a guess and nothing is confirmed by Apple yet. Fans are eagerly waiting to hear the iPad Mini 3 release date and the specifications and the power it will give to its users. Since the previous version iPad Mini 2 was launched in September last year, it is said the trend might be followed by the Apple for release iPad Mini 3 in October.

The iPad Mini 2 16GB is sold for around $420, so the new iPad Mini 3 might be a little expensive due its enhanced features and latest technology. The speculations are that it may also named something else just like iPad Mini 2 was renamed as iPad Mini with Retina Display. Fans, let's wait for the news to arrive until then.




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