Destiny PC Release Date, Spoilers And Rumors: Four Consoles Platforms to be Ready by TxAhis Year While PC Version Comes Out Next Year


Destiny PC Release Date, Spoilers and Rumors:  Four Consoles Platforms to be Ready by this Year While PC Version Comes out Next Year

The release date for Destiny has been slated for September 9th this year. This is an anticipated upcoming Role playing game and will be available for the major modes including Playstation 4, Playstation 3, X Box One and X Box 360. So far Activision has refused to come up with an official release date for the PC version though there are reports that the game is on Steam's database and this gives credibility to the implications that the PC version may in fact come out sometime in March 2015. For a long time, the game has been getting positive reviews and comments from both fans and critics since Bungie released the Beta and Alpha versions of the game this summer.

The beta phase of the game was released on July 17th this year and this was made available for all platform users except PC users. The fans are also experiencing added exhilaration because of the developers. This is because Bungie is the same developer for the Halo series, so we can expect a lot of great things with the upcoming game. Bungie, as such expressed its gratitude to the masses for their gracious reception of the beta phase of the game. As such, the feedback was quite something and Bungie claims that they got the data  they needed about what the fans feel about the game and what needs to change ahead of the release which will be a little a under a month from now.

As concerns the gaming consoles, there were some reports that PS4 may be the best place to play the upcoming game and that the other platforms such as X Box One, X Box 360 and Playstation 3 may actually come up short when it comes to the magnitude of what is expected. However, the senior environment artist for the game's developer, Jason Sussman strongly disagreed with the rumor. Apparently, the team is working very hard to make sure that the best experience and quality of the game is going to be equal across the platforms. As concerns the PC version, all they had to say is they were very invested in the four consoles first before concentrating on the PC release.


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