Fast and Furious 7 Now Done with Filming, What They Did to Paul Walker’s Character and Other Changes on the Storyline Unveiled

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Fast and Furious 7 Now Done with Filming, What They Did to Paul Walker's Character and Other Changes on the Storyline Unveiled

Fast and Furious 7 cast and crew have just finished filming. With the still quite fresh news of the death of Paul Walker, the studio had to come up with ways on how to go on with the story line even with his absence. The studio had decided to send off Brian O Connor (Paul Walker's character) in a happier way rather than to kill him off in a car-crash which was how the actor died in real life. This is quite gloomy for a Fast and Furious movie. 

James Wan, the director of the movie, had stated during one interview that they are still going to use shots of Walker that they already have while tweaking the scripts to give the character a proper send-off. The premiere of the movie had been pushed back from its earlier release date to April 10, 2015 to give the Fast and Furious 7 cast and crew some time to grieve and to create changes in the story line. 

Considered as the greatest gift to be left with fans of Paul Walker is how iconic his role was made into in the film. His little brother, Cody Walker even participated to do some heavy stunts in the movie. Speculations are Brian will be saying goodbye as he gets cornered and receive payback from Jason Statham's villain in the movie. As such, he will finally bid farewell to his friends as he runs away to the sunset with the love of his life Mia and their son, to have a peaceful life.

With this, we can also say that Vin Diesel will probably be taking down Jason Statham for good on Fast and Furious 7. Catch the Fast and Furious 7 release date on April 2015. 

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