Finding Favor, Debut Album Released May 7, Features Hit Single 'Slip On By'

Finding Favor, breakthrough Christian band, released their self-titled debut album on May 7, featuring their hit single, 'Slip On By.'

The new album features just six tracks, but they are packed with meaningful lyrical content.  The first two tracks on the album communicate meaningful life lessons.  The hit song, 'Slip On By,' tells a heart-wrenching story about an old man who encourages a young man to hold on to precious time that God has given him and not let it slip away.  'Love Stepped In,' is a story about the the way that God's love has transformed people's lives when they felt like they were completely down and out.

The remainder of the songs on the new album communicate some more general themes.  'Shake The World,' and 'Hallelujah We Shall Rise,' are songs that encourage believers to step up and make a difference in this world.  'I Am,' demonstrates God's amazing love and understanding of everything we're going through as well as His ability to bring us out of darkness through His comfort and strength.  The final track, 'Hero,' explains that each one of us has a hero fighting for us somewhere and we may not even know about it.

Finding favor is a four-piece band comprised of Blake NeeSmith on lead vocals, Josh Duckworth on drums, Allen Dukes on guitar and vocals and Dustin Daniels on bass, guitar and vocals.  The are based out of south Georgia and have gained recent success based on their emotionally moving single, 'Slip On By.'  The song was based on conversations that NeeSmith had with his grandfather, encouraging him not to let the blessings in his life slip by him, according to the Finding Favor Facebook page.  It was written by the band along with  producer, Christopher Stevens.

The band had not been immediately successful.  "Finding Favour was at a point where we had been passed on by every label. We went through a stagnant period where nothing was happening. Touring was slow, buzz about our band was at a halt, and overall band morale was low. But, we knew God had a plan and that we would pursue His heart and His perfect will," Dukes said in an interview withLifter Magazine.

Finding Favor is currently touring and will continue to tour throughout the summer.  Their next performances will be at Real Life Church, in Macon, Georgia on June 12, and at Atlanta Fest, in Stone Mountain, Georgia, on June 14.

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