Bad Boys 3 Movie Release Date: 3 Reasons Why It’s All on Will Smith

Bad Boys 3 Movie Release Date: 3 Reasons Why It's All on Will Smith

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Bad Boys New Sequel Chances

Well, it's official now. There is every chance for the third instalment of this loved cop saga called Bad Boys. Two cops, one who's funny with all his intentions not to be and another who seems to be in control of everything, deal with some of the meanest goons in the town.


Martin Lawrence who has featured alongside Will Smith in first two films of the franchise revealed on Conan O'Brien show that Jerry Bruckheimer is already working on a script. With a successful run at the box office worldwide, there is every reason why Sony should be interested in a sequel, but, is Will Smith ready for it? Speculation is that the Bad Boys 3 movie release date is set around late 2015, still we have three reasons why this sequel does not appear easy.

1)   While Lawrence is pretty excited about the project, Will Smith is very busy with his previous commitments. He is already working on two movies and that's why Sony has been pushing the project back for a while. We do not know when Smith will have space in his busy schedule.

2)    Both Lawrence and Bruckheimer have talked openly about possibility of a sequel. Some even believed that the script has also been finalized, but we haven't heard a word from Will Smith since the news started doing rounds. While there's every possibility that he's busy with some projects, there would be no surprise if he chooses to stay away from the sequel.

3)    Will Smith has always been a dedicated artist and over the past few years, if you look at his script choices, he has become very selective of what projects he's ready to take. It has been over a decade since the last Bad Boys movie was released and we don't know if Smith still believes in the potential of a sequel anymore, especially with negative critical reviews Bad Boys II has drawn.

If stars align and everything turns in favor of the sequel, it will be exciting to wait for the onscreen chemistry of Lawrence and Smith. This profitable partnership has grossed over $377 million collectively with the help of two movies and the trilogy will only help increased that number with Bad Boys 3 release next year.

On the other hand, in absence of Smith the financial incentive will certainly drop down for the producers affecting the collections by huge margins.   

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