Sony’s Project Morpheus Release Date, Latest News and Update, Sony’s Boss Said Project Morpheus Will Bring Motion Gaming Back to its Popularity

Sony’s Project Morpheus

Sony's Project Morpheus Release Date, Latest News and Update, Sony's Boss Said Project Morpheus Will Bring Motion Gaming Back to its Popularity

The past few years had shown us how, for the most part, motion gaming has fallen kind of flat among the general video game audiences, as clearly shown with how Wii U had started focusing on its second screen, how Xbox One's Kinect was dropped, and how PlayStation 4 is not really making much use of PlayStation Move. Even Sony studios worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida carries the same thought, that for the meantime video gamers do not have much interest when it comes to motion gaming. However, he is particularly adamant on the belief that the PlayStation Move will become essential upon the availability and release of Sony's Project Morpheus VR headset.

Yoshida reportedly said in an interview that no matter how big of a thing motion gaming was, it is not like people are would want yet another motion game as of the moment. It is not like Yoshida meant to demean Move; he even described it as "a precise and accurate 3D input device," saying that the PS3/PS4 motion controller was a bit ahead of its time. What Yoshida critiqued on was how it seems hard to take advantage of the 3D positional tracking it offers on a 2D screen.

Project Morpheus, Sony's PS4 virtual reality initiative was unveiled earlier this year during a Special Game Developers Conference presentation in San Francisco. However, it does not have a definite release date as of yet, nor how much it would cost. Sony said, however, that it will not be out this year 2014 and that it would surely cost less than $1000.



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