Avengers 3 Release Date, Reveals, Rumors and Plot: Robert Downey’s last Appearance as Iron Man in Third Installment of Franchise

Avengers 3

Avengers 3 Release Date, Reveals, Rumors and Plot: Robert Downey's last Appearance as Iron Man in Third Installment of Franchise

In 2015, the second installment of the Avengers is set to premiere sometime in May, while the second movie is slated to be released on the first week of May 2018 three years later. If you are wondering how come there is information on the third movie already, it is probably because, the Ultron movie has been so publicized and the anticipation has been fed by a wealth of information about the movie by sites like this one. As such, the third movie is just the next step because we already know so much about the second installment.

The good thing is that Marvel and Disney have also disclosed information about the release date, the cast and the plot views of the third installment of the film. Beginning with the date, it seems legitimate because the Avenger movies have had the habit of May releases in the past as well as the coming installment. Therefore, the movie should follow the trend. This movie will allegedly be different following a change of guard for some of the cast members of the franchise. For example, there are reports that this is going to be the last time that we see Robert Downey Junior in the role of Iron Man. This is the last time that he is going to feature in the installment, and he may not be the only one making the exit. For one, Captain America's Chris Evans is going to retire from the role of the main character to leave Anthony Mackie, the Falcon to take his place.

It seems there is a new trend from Marvel Studios to equalize every role there is out there to make sure that everyone is represented. This is corroborated by the reports that Thor is being replaced by a female role in the future installments. The other rumor about the third installment of the Avengers implies that the management will be different this time as Joss Whedon may not be directing the third movie.


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