Grace Unplugged, Movie Soundtrack To Release August 27 Featuring Music By TobyMac, Chris Tomlin

Grace Unplugged
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'Grace Unplugged,' an upcoming Christian film, is set to release its official soundtrack on August 27, featuring music by tobyMac, Chris Tomlin, Colton Dixon, Shawn McDonald, AJ Michalka, Jamie Grace, Josh Wilson, Luminate and Nine Lashes. The film will be coming to theaters on October 4.

The upcoming film 'Grace Unplugged,' stars Amanda 'AJ' Machalka as Grace Rose Trey, an 18-year-old Christian singer/songwriter who is faced with the challenge of whether to continue in her Christian faith or to leave it all behind in an attempt to achieve her long-suppressed dream of achieving Hollywood stardom. In this challenging journey, Grace has to decide what is more important to her, her faith and family loyalty or her chance at fame and Hollywood success.

Grace's parents James and Michelle Trey will be played by James Denton and Shawnee Smith. In the film, Grace grew up leading worship with her father, a former rock star who found his way to Christ. Throughout the film the strength of their family ties are tested as Grace leaves her parents behind in pursuit of Hollywood success.

Grace's best friend Rachel is played by Jamie Grace. Other key roles in the cast are Quentin, played by Michael Welch, Jay Grayson, played by Zane Holtz and Frank 'Mossy' Mostin, played by Kevin Pollak. Quentin is a potential love interest as well as kind of a spiritual advisor for Grace as she begins to walk away from her faith, Jay is a popularity-obsessed celebrity who uses Grace for publicity and Frank 'Mossy' is a hard-nosed producer.

The film will illustrate the heart-wrenching journey of a girl trying to negotiate the rough road to fame and pop culture success without losing herself along the way. Be sure to grab a copy of the sound track when it is released on August 27.


I think the idea behind this film has genuine meaning and rings true in pop culture today. The road to pop music success tends to be paved with a number of challenges to the values of an up-and-coming star. Unfortunately, sometimes fame and fortune are more important to some people than staying true to themselves.

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