We As Human: Band To Release Debut Album June 25

We As Human
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We As Human, Christian rock band, is set to release their full-length, self-titled debut album on June 25.

'We Fall Apart' and 'Strike Back' off of the new album have already been released, in addition to two songs that had been featured in their 2011 'We As Human' EP, 'Sever' and 'Dead Man.' 'We Fall Apart' and 'Strike Back' went for adds on radio at the end of April.

The songs 'Bring Me To Life,' 'Let Me Drown,' 'Zombie,' 'Take The Bullets Away,' 'Taking Life,' and 'I Stand,' have not yet been released. The new ten-track album will feature guest appearances by Skillet's, John Cooper (in 'Zombie'), and Flyleaf's, Lacey Sturm (in 'Take The Bullets Away'). It was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Howard Benson.

"This record is not just a compilation of songs; every song is a part of my heart and this band and our story," said Frontman, Justin Cordle, according to the band bio. "This record is shaped by our history, and real stories of real things that five real guys have gone through."

The song, 'Sever' off of the new album, for example reflects on Cordle's personal experience of losing his nephew to cancer. The lyrics state, Cancer in my bones/ You won't let me go/ So it's you I sever. "But I don't think he lost his battle with cancer; he won his battle, and he's with his creator, and the cancer is dead,'" Cordle explained in the bio.

Another song off of the new album, 'Strike Back' was written when the band felt like they had nothing left to give. "So this song was me and my band saying, 'Bring it on. What can hurt us now?'" Cordle said. This will be the first song on the album and the band hopes that it turns out to be "something to kick people in the face."

We As Human is a native Nashville band that was originally discovered by Cooper, a relationship that resulted in their eventual signing with Atlantic/ Word Records, by means of Hear It Loud, a collaborative partnership between Cooper, manager Zach Kelm and an attorney named Todd Rubenstein. "Skillet was playing an arena show and our road manager was working it," Cordle recalls, according to the bio. "He handed them an EP we had produced. John Cooper listened to it that night, and he just loved it-he said it punched them in the face. He called Zach Kelm and said, 'I think you should work with this band.'"

The band is comprised of Cordle on vocals, Adma Osborne on drums, Dave Draggoo on bass, and Jake Jones and Justin Forshaw on guitars.  After years of working together the band has finally been able to find success after the bitter beginnings of quitting their jobs and hitting the road without any real set gigs or direction. "We feel we've had a long road behind us, and it's made us the men we are," Cordle said. "But it feels like even with the team we have, we're just now arriving at the starting line."

More importantly than success and glory, however, is that the band pursues authentic relationships with its fans. "We want out listeners to know that every word we sing, every word we say from the stage, comes from the core of who we are. It's not just a show. We write about who we are, what we believe, and back that up with how we live our lives," Cordle said.

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